Emulator for Everdrive

If you put gb.v64 and gbc.v64 from the download link above into the folder ED64/emu on your everdrive you can play gameboy ROMs directly without having convert them individually.


Use a bios to get the gameboy startup animation with the nintendo or gameboy logo. Don't include them to skip the animation and boot directly into the game.

Save Type

Use SRAM instead if you have trouble saving on 64drive.

Pad to MB

Retroblaster requires the ROM to be an even multiple of a megabyte. Check this to apply padding to the output ROM to size it up to the next MB.

V 3.2

Getting save files to work on Everdrive

If you are using EV X7 you can skip this step. The emulator uses flashram to save. To get this to work with everdrive V 3 or lower you need to specify that in save_db.txt using the rom's CRC code. By adding the codes generated below when you convert a rom.

(CRC code will appear here when you convert a rom)

This emulator supports save states. Press down C to save. Hold up C to load a save state. When staring a ROM it will not load the entire save state by default. It will only load the GameBoy cartridge ram emulating the behavior of the GameBoy. If you want a save file to load from a fresh boot you first need to save the game inside the emulator then create the save state with down C.

Default Controls

Action Button
Start Start
Select Z
Save C Down
Load Save State C Up
Fast Forward C Right
Menu C Left
Drop Files to Convert